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2018 Team


Gordon Qian

Hi! I’m Gordon, an 4th year honour student who has majored in molecular cell biology and bioinformatics. I will be completing my honours this year in molecular cell biology, specifically looking at how cells survive during starvation.

I have been apart of BABSOC from the start of my undergraduate degree, and it has provided me tons of exciting and insightful experiences! I wish to share this experience with all of the new and current BABS students and help them make the most our of their time spend at UNSW.
I hope to see you all at our future events!

Vice President & Arc Delegate

James G. Barnes


My name is James and I am the Vice President of BABSOC, responsible for assisting with overseeing and coordinating all activities and administration of the society.

I am a Science and Arts student, majoring in Microbiology and Molecular and Cell Biology. I have been with the BABSOC team for several years now, being formerly the Marketing Manager, Third Year Representative, Arc Delegate, and Social Events Coordinator.

I am also a Science Fiction and Fantasy fan, currently President of the UNSW Tolkien Society. Through our work in BABS, I hope that we will be able to make some of the wonders of Science Fiction into Science Fact!


Megan Jones


Hey guys, I’m Megan. I’m a 3rd year Adv. Science and Law student with a Cell and Molecular Biology major and a passion for the intersection of human thought and untapped scientific potential.

I love BABSOC because it gives keen science students support and encouragement in academic contexts, as well as having awesome (and slightly crazy!) people.
Come say hi if you see me running between classes! (I chose the two faculties furthest away from each other – don’t repeat my mistakes .


Alice Handayani


Hello guys!

I am Alice Handayani, doing 2nd year Advanced Science majoring in Biotechnology.

I am also the treasurer of BABSOC 2018. I have not found any particular passion as of yet and am very excited to explore the possibilities!

Outside university, I love sleeping and eating. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Professional Events Coordinator

Zeeshan Siddiqui


Greetings! I’m Zeeshan, the Professional events co-ordinator and the Editor-In- Chief of BABSOC Journalism. This is my final year of a Molecular and Cell biology degree at UNSW and I hope to pursue research as my next adventure.

My scientific interests span the spectrum from Quantum Physics to Genetic Engineering. I also enjoy Soccer, Tennis and Rugby League.

BABSOC allows me to meet like-minded people, make new friends and get the most out of University life, I would recommend anyone who wants to learn something new and have a great experience to join the lovely people at BABSOC!

Social Events Coordinator

Justine Salazar


Hi, there!

I’m Justine the Social Event Coordinator of BABSOC 2018 and I study Biotechnology.

I’m enthusiastic about the events and workshops we’re planning for this year. So, come say hi to us at one of our events! Outside of uni, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends through travelling and watching films and TV shows.I love reading books and writing stories. I find these media amazing as they allow us to explore worlds beyond our reality.

Public Relations Coordinator

Alice Yang


Hi I’m Alice.

I’m the Marketing and Advertising Coordinator of BABSOC 2018 and am currently a second-year student studying genetics and molecular and cell biology.

I do Krav Maga in my free time and I also volunteer at the Museum of Human Disease on campus (feel free to come say hi!). I’m really excited to be sharing my passion for science with you all through our upcoming events and workshops!

Arts & Design Coordinator

Angela Lin


Hey! I’m Angela and I am in my 3rd year of study in Bioinformatics Engineering.

I am passionate about biotechnology and agriculture – I hope to explore genomic dark matter in the future.

Outside of my degree, I’ve been doing a bunch of things like web design and astronomy. Looking forward to working with our BABSOC exec team this year!

I.T. Manager

Steven Chow


Hi, I am Steven Chow.

I am a Credited Professional and Full Member of Australian Computer Society. I am in my 3rd year of study in molecular cell biology.

My research interest is MRI in Head & Neck Cancer and Cancer Nano-Radio Therapy & Nano-Imaging. Outside the uni, I would like to stay alone and keep studying, as I am looking for the True Love of Science. I like cooking. Come & Speak to me if you like cooking. However, don’t let me bored you.

E-mail: drakring@gmail.com

Third Year Representative

Linda Chen


Hello! My name is Linda Chen and I am currently in my third year of studying Biotechnology and Secondary education.

I think it’s great to be a part of BABSOC because I’ve met some awesome like-minded people within this community! Everyone is accepted no matter what you study or what your interests are!

I also really like cats and I enjoy watching cat vine compilations in my spare time.

Faculty Advisor

Vivian Yeung


Hi, I’m Vivian (BABSOC Faculty Advisor) and work in the School of BABS as an Education Administration Officer.

I have a passion in learning and teaching, especially when it’s related to science – hence my role! I hope that by liaising between the school and society, we are able to organise more events and be able to support more students to pursue their interest in science.