2019 Team



Zeeshan Siddiqui

I’m an Honours student in Genetics with a major in Molecular Biology. My interests span the spectrum from quantum physics to genetic engineering and avidly following the premier league. I have had the honour to be involved with BABSOC since 2017, having previously served as the professional events coordinator and Editor of the micro-journalism platform. If you want to learn something new, build life skills, and make the most out of your university experience, joining BABSOC is a must!


Shelley Wang


I’m a honours student with a double major in Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology. I’ve had the privilege to see BABSOC grow previously, having acted as the secretary and arc delegate in 2018 and look forward to seeing the society further develop in 2019. Please feel free to come along to our events and/or meetings– we’re a friendly bunch and welcome new ideas and people!

Arc Delegate

James G. Barnes

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Marina Kataxenou

Third Year Science student majoring in Genetics. Involved with BABSOC since early 2018.

Moved to Australia from Greece 5 years ago. Reader of books and watcher of Netflix. Swoons at the sight of both cats and dogs. Communicates via memes and gifs. Gryffindor at heart.


“To me BABSOC means community. Being part of something special, something more than yourself. As an individual, you can do something but when you’re more [people], you’re doing something more [significant].”


Dimitri Karadarevic

3rd Year Science and Arts student majoring in Microbiology and Molecular Cell Biology. He has been involved with BABSOC since 2018.

Dimitrije love being a part of BABSOC’s interactive team of upcoming scientists, and curating events where fellow students can meet like minded people and have a sense of community. He spend most of my spare time reading and cooking up delicious dishes for my friends and family!


Professional Events & IT

Justine Salazar


Hi, everyone! I’m Justine and I’m in my third year studying Biotechnology. In the past two years I’ve been with BABSOC, I have learned so much about the field and the opportunities at hand. I’m so excited to apply these knowledge in my role as the new professional events coordinator of BABSOC this year.

I’m also currently BABSOC’s IT manager as my interests include learning how to write html. I also enjoy creating and editing videos, as well as, taking photos. This year, I would like to further improve the skills I’ve learned through my interests by applying them in my roles as a BABSOC executive.

Social Events

Kevin Huyhn

Kevin is a 2nd year Commerce and Advanced Science kid, and has been with BABSOC since 2018. He loves all things Biotechie and Information Technology, with plans to build his own Biotech Startup in the future.


Otherwise, you will find him trying to maintain his streak of traveling every semester break (made harder by trimesters), or watching a Clippers game. He also loves to cook but finds food a big waste of money = cup noodles with spam.

Marketing & Advertising

Laurene Leclerc


Say hello to our PR Coodrinator Laurene Leclerc. She’s a 3rd year Advanced Science student majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Biology. Her love for microbiology sparked at 14 and she is already living her dream of being a researcher in the UNSW BABS labs. She is also very creative and enjoys visiting art galleries and drawing, with some of her favourite artists including Mark Rothko and Brett Whiteley. Other places you can find her include the beach, having coffee with friends or doing sport. Laurene has been in BABSOC since 2018, always in the PR team. Her passion for sharing knowledge and information, as well as bringing people together makes her a valuable PR coordinator.

Arts & Design

Angela Lin


Hello I’m a 4th year student studying Bioinformatics Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. I am interested in agricultural and medicinal plants bioinformatics. I’ve been a part of BABSOC since late 2017. My goal in BABSOC is to make sure our aesthetics are as fresh as possible! You can catch me crying in the main library sometimes.


Edward Johnson

Hey everyone I’m a 4th year Commerce and Advanced Science student majoring in biotechnology and finance. I am interested in both the application and commercialisation of medical biotechnology and synthetic biology. I have been with BABSOC since the start of 2019 and aim to accelerate the society strengthening industry involvement. The diverse range of members and events that are held by BABSOC is a key motivator for my position. You can catch me in a suit and tie shaking the hands of future leaders in biotech.

First Year Representative

Isabelle Day

Hi! I’m Izzy, a 1st year student studying Biotechnology. I joined BABSOC at the start of 2019 and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to play a role in this team and the BABS community. Along with science and biology, I have a big passion for the arts. I love drawing/designing as well as singing and acting and I aim to bring some of these skills to BABSOC. I hope to continue to be a part of this awesome team throughout my years at UNSW.

Second Year Representative

Reeva Nadkar


Hey! I’m Reeva, a 2nd year student studying Science with a major in Genetics. I have been a part of BABSOC since mid-2018, and this year I’ll be seen as the 2nd Year Representative. Being a part of BABSOC has opened a new avenue for me. It’s a society that provides exposure on how the science industry operates; whether it be team collaboration, individual responsibilities or creative opportunities. I think one of the most important goals for BABSOC that I wish to see fulfilled is new faces who also share a passion for biology.

Faculty Advisor

Vivian Yeung

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