Meet the Team 2012


Arc Representatives


Bernard Wai

Bernard is currently in his 5th year at UNSW, completing a double degree in Commerce and Science with Honours. His project focuses on chemical defences of marine bacteria. Despite being a newcomer, joining the society in April behind his peers, Bernard quickly integrated himself into the society, and was elected President in June 2012. Outside of UNSW, Bernard has worked in a sushi bar and his favourite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. Bernard is also an avid soccer player, playing primarily as a defender, and hopes that one day he will be signed (in his dreams) by Arsenal F.C..


Dan Previtera

Dan, is currently in his fourth year at university slowly completing a bachelor of Arts majoring in International Business and Film Studies. Initially doing a combined degree of Arts/Music Dan has had the opportunity to study a very wide range of discaplines from psychology to history, film theory to international business strategy. He brings a diverse range of experiences and strong leadership skills to the society. As the VP of the society it allows him to lead, alongside the President, the society to a prosperous future.


Daniel Shnier

Daniel Shnier is a 2nd year Commerce/Science (adv math) student. He finds the connection between innovation in science and the business world extremely exciting. All the awesome technology and innovative processes of tomorrow will not become a reality without appropriate financing and management. With this in mind he is very happy to be a part of the EISSOC executive team and can not wait to further develop the society and its members!

ARC Delegate

Jason Ngo

Jason is the nominated arc delegate representing the BABSOC/EISSOC group. He is an analytical fanatic with an acquired taste for numbers. He is a second year student studying Engineering (mechanical manufacturing and management) and Commerce (Finance), so it goes without saying he is always up for a challenge. As the arc delegate Jason will able to channel his, at times … obnoxious constant criticisms into every aspect of maintaining the link between the group and the wider UNSW community.

Treasurer (Arc & TSM)

Tim Fang

BABSOC§EISSOC’s very own Master of Coin; Tim is the mastermind behind all the strife in Westeros. As a trained judoka, he personally guards the society’s riches; where, one day he will embezzle the society’s money for an estate in the Canary Islands. Tim is currently a 2nd year student studying B.Sc. (Hons) Nanotechnology (Nanodevices) at UNSW. He is looking forward to a future in the research and commercialisation of nanotechnology in Australia.

Treasury, Sponsorship and Marketing Team (TSM)


Will Kramhoft

In a unanimous vote by the executive team, Will was elected the new Director for TSM in 2012. Since elected, Will has brought a newly inspired drive and passion to the team through his energetic public speaking skills. The second year Student, studying a combined degree in Engineering(Mechatronics) and Science(Physics), enjoys a healthy balance between socialising, studying, socialising and socialising. His hobbies include Music, Squash, Swimming and of course, Socialising.


Rebeca Senatilaka

Rebeca is our lovely Secretary and is a third year Advanced Science/Arts student majoring in psychology & philosophy She enjoys pondering life’s hidden secrets on long train trips into uni and conducting awkward social experiments in elevators. She is also convinced that she’ll be able to save up enough money to buy a ticket to the moon pretty soon but in the mean time will help the team with managing the societies organising and securing sponsorships. She’s determined to focus her energy towards being a sensational secretary and hopes that she won’t make too many typos

Social Media Manager

Naomi Blair

Naomi is the Social Media manager for BABSOC/EISSOC and a 2nd year student studying PR and Advertising. She enjoys her role of transcribing lengthy discussions regarding the charter of BABSOC/EISSOC, in addition to improving her shorthand note taking skills. Naomi is looking forward to the end of year BABSOC/EISSOC Ball, and is eager for the society to secure enough sponsorship for an open bar tab. When not charting the entrepreneurial progress of her innovative peers, Naomi spends far too much time on social networking and online shopping sites.

Sponsorship Manager

Rajesh Mottey

Rajesh is head of sponsorship and business development for BABSOC/EISSOC and a student Biotechnologist. He was exposed to business and entrepreneurism at an early age where his family owned and operated a successful ice-cream vending business. He had learnt how to manage funds and make ice-cream for customers by the age of 8! However, he was blissfully unaware that he was literally eating his way through the profits at the same time! He is confident BABSOC/EISSOC won’t face the same fate, but only time will tell. His favourite hobbies include sleeping, making strange noises, being a vegetarian (always has been), and entertaining cats.

Creative Manager

Sophia Ng

Sophia is a student fulfilling the role of Events Coordinator. She is currently studying Design at the Collage of Fine Arts. She has experience in organising events whether big or small. As events coordinator she strives to make the most out of everything, by taking advantage of opportunities that arise. She ensures events run smoothly and solves any problems that may occur. She enjoys good food and spending time with friends and family.


Marketing Manager

Lawrence Wang

Lawrence is the Marketing Manager of BABSOC/EISSOC and a 4th year student majoring in Marketing/Finance with a minor in Psychology. Lawrence often spends his time socializing, playing poker, studying, going to the gym and consulting for charities. Although he doesn’t show it, Lawrence also likes planning for world domination and puppies.

Annual Report Coordinator

Claire Thomas

Claire is studying Commerce and Economics, with majors in Finance, Business Law and Economics. She is charged with collecting and collating the work of the team throughout the year for inclusion in the Annual Report.


IT Manager

Marco Chau

Marco fortunately took the bullet to become the IT Manager of BABSOC/EISSOC. He studies Digital Media at COFA, and has been equipped with a working knowledge of various forms of media. He sometimes has a knack for chiming in with odd observations, and often has tedious opinions over minor visual details. As a second year, he has begun exploring more wickedly daring projects, especially in the 3D art field. Marco has an ambition of digitally realizing myriads of dreams into the 3D world.


Careers and Networking Team (C&N)


Patrick Graham

Patrick is the director of careers and networking for BABSOC/EISSOC and is currently a 3rd year Marketing/Management student. He has extensive experience in the retail industry and currently serves as a team leader at the retail chain Kmart where he has learnt the skills of managing a team both through theory and in practice. Patrick’s aim for students involved in BABSOC/EISSOC is simple to connect people to where they want to go an aim Patrick and the careers and networking team strive for in their organised events. Using his quick wit and sharp tongue Patrick hopes to make BABSOC/EISSOC the place to be for networking and career planning and is never too shy to tell us why he is that damn good.

Head Designer

Lauren Goritsas

Lauren is the BABSOC/EISSOC head designer and is currently in her 3rd year at UNSW, completing a double degree in a Bachelor of Design and Art Education. She enjoys collaboratively working in team environments specifically in a creative manner. Lauren enjoys capturing picturesque moments with her handy Canon camera. She one day hopes to invent a product that changes peoples lives and to then be asked on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Lauren is a very committed individual who pushes herself to her limits and strives to provide the BABSOC/EISSOCS Career and Networking design collateral for future events.


Noellie Garand

Noellie is the secretary of careers and networking for BABSOC/EISSOC. Her career includes 20 years of international experience; she has worked in France, Japan, Russia and the Philippines before coming to Australia in August 2009. Her work experience includes sales/project/event management, marketing, HR and administration. She has a master’s degree in development management (2009, Asian Institute of Management/Philippines) and a master’s degree of policy studies (2010, UNSW, Australia). Currently enrolled in the diploma of innovation management, Noellie is committed to bring BABSOC/EISSOC to the next level.


Madeleine Wykes

Maddy is the treasurer of the Careers and Networking team for BABSOC/EISSOC and is currently in her second year of a combined Commerce/Arts degree. Her career experience includes working reception at a speech therapist clinic in Kingsford and experience with summers in the HR department with Macquarie Generation. She is a rural student, staying on campus and committed to to providing the best opportunities for networking through successful careers night events.

Public Relations Manager

Molly Hibbert

Molly Hibbert is the Public Relations Manager for BABSOC/EISSOC and is currently a 2nd year Social Work student. She has a wide range of customer service experience within the retail and hospitality industries both in the UK and Australia, which have developed her high level communication and people skills. Molly’s interests range from music and reading to hockey and travel. Molly aims to connect BABSOC/EISSOC with the university and wider communities by assisting with promotion and advertising events.

Marketing Manager

Anthony Nicholas Confos

Anthony is responsible for the internal marketing division for the Careers and Networking team and is currently a 3rd year Economics/Arts student. Anthony’s commitments to BABSOC/EISSOC are to ensure that all marketing and media strategies are aligned with the teams overall objectives that aim to promote a sense of community for students of the Diploma in Innovation Management at the University of New South Wales. Anthony believes that effective marketing campaigns and techniques are instrumental in any business, and considers it to be important for innovation and a long-term strategy for success. Through various professional employment experiences in customer service and client-side project management consulting, Anthony is committed to coordinating the marketing operations within the teams.

Social Media Manager

Nancy Xu

Nancy is the social media manager for the C&N team and is currently studying a degree in Human Resource Management and Media, Culture & Technology. With strong interests in the online community and a passion for online gaming, Nancy can always be found on the Internet. She also carries a strong passion and a wealth of experience of being on executive boards of projects and start up businesses.

Project Manager

Daniel Ferrara

Daniel is the project manager of the Careers and Networking team for BABSOC/EISSOC. Currently in his second year of a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Economics, Daniel hopes to move into a career in financial services. Daniel also plays both cricket and soccer for the university, representing both sports at uni games and during each season. He is committed to working with the Careers and Networking team to provide careers nights which are helpful, informative and are able to increase the awareness of the society to current and future UNSW students.

Human Resources Manager

Louise mansfield

As the Careers and Networking team’s HR, I have been lucky enough to have the job of keeping the team enthusiastic and dedicated throughout all projects that we undergo. I am currently in my second year of town planning which is both challenging and fun. When I’m not studying, I’m usually at the beach, watching movies or having a crazy night out with the girls. The innovation management diploma is something that I really enjoy doing. I love working with my C&N team and having the occasional laugh when we meet every week.

IT Manager

Joshua Weir

Josh is a second year commerce student. He was born in and grew up in Thailand only coming to Australia two years ago. While not studying Josh spends time playing weird and obscure strategy games on his computer.

Logistics Manager

Bryce Edmonds

Bryce is the logistics manager for the Careers and Networking team, in his 2nd year of studying mechanical engineering currently at UNSW. He is responsible for organising the catering and preparing venues before events. Outside of University, Bryce is an avid car fanatic and an enthusiastic swimmer.

Events Manager

Matthew Baker

A second year Social Science student, Matt hopes to use the talent of his fellow peers to help build successful and well received events that use the experience of successful entrepreneurs to speak and inspire students of the society to succeed in their future endeavors and entrepreneurial ambitions. Outside of the society, Matt loves hanging out with friends, playing and watching sports (particularly rugby league) and is passionate about volunteer work.

C&N Editor

Colin Fong

Colin is the editor for the C&N team, responsible for documenting the activities and successes for BABSOC/EISSOC. Currently studying Economics/Information Systems, he has professional experiences in IT, finance and start up businesses. With strong interests in technology and scientific research, he is always looking towards the potential benefits and impacts new technology can have in different industries. Outside of university, Colin enjoys discovering new music and spending too much money on an ever growing list of unread ebooks.

Strategic Planning Manager

Dibjot Singh

Dibjot is the Strategic Planning Manager of the Careers and Networking team and overlooks ways to further the BABSOC/EISSOC society as a whole and successfully drive it into the future. He is currently in his third year and is studying Commerce (International). Outside of university, you can see him sitting in the sun, either pretending to study or munching on copious amounts of food. He is an avid believer of the saying ‘laughing till it hurts’. Dibjot hopes to work with everyone to alleviate BABSOC/EISSOC into a much wider sphere and is not afraid to don the Panda costume for this cause!

Actions Manager

Matthew Hale

Matthew is the Actions Manager of Careers and Networking for BABSOC/EISSOC. He is currently studying his third year of a double degree of Advanced Science/Arts at UNSW majoring in Physics and Philosophy. Matthew’s work experience extends across a wide range of areas including retail, food services, health services and basketball coaching. He looks forward to keeping everyone on track as BABSOC/EISSOC strives for success.


Social Team


Ashley Thornton

Ashley is currently in his second year Mechanical Engineering student. He was late into the team having switched over from Careers and Networking but found the team to be very accepting and was shortly afterward elected as team leader. When not in meetings Ashley enjoys working on cars and bikes, exploring the more practical side to engineering and generally having a good time. His favourite memory of BABSOC is definitely the pub crawl and through his position he hopes to make sure everyone has as much fun as he does!

Actions Manager

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany is currently in her second year as a Social Science student, which she finds interesting yet boring at times. When Tiffany is not eating, or sleeping and occasionally studying, she is usually either online shopping or out having a hectic night with the girls. Her love for events and previous event planning experiences is what drew her towards the social team, and after a hardworking year within the social team she is looking forward to the success of the End of Year Ball.

Ball Manager

Ashleigh Thomas

Ashleigh is currently studying Arts in Music and the Diploma of Innovation Management as well as having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics last year. Ashleigh is looking forward to the End of Year Mad Hatters Ball, which has been months in the making with lots of hard work from the social team.


Media Head

Curran Liu

Curran is currently in his third year of Medical Science majoring in Neuroscience. Curran’s interest in all things medical stems from his early childhood fascination for biology. Although much of his passions lies in the creative arts, he aspires to understand how we perceive visual and aural forms of fine art. His attention to detail coupled with a keen appreciation for photography makes him the ideal Media Head for the Social Team of BABSOC/EISSOC. Be sure to put on your most photogenic pose when he points the camera at you.



Communications Manager

Zain Zaidi

Zain is a 3rd year Materials Science student majoring in metallurgy who has maintained a distinction average since he started uni. He is on an industry scholarship with OneSteel with whom he has worked past two summers gaining valuable industrial training and he works as a programmer. He has called, emailed, serviced, interviewed, enquired and trolled a myriad of people including clients, customers, staff, students and peers from OneSteel, work, KFC, School of Materials (just to name a few) on his road to today which he believes justifies his role as communications manager.

Marketing Manager

Delia Deng

Head of Marketing in the loud and boisterous Social Team, Delia is currently in her 2nd year at UNSW and completing a double degree in Commerce-Services Marketing. She endeavors to create out of the box (insert: a-little-bit-weird-but-just-may-work) Marketing campaigns. Her time is spent either eating or sleeping. Or so she wishes. Delia’s looking forward to the awesome Mad Hatter’s Ball at the end of the year – ready to go a little bit crazy!


Event Co-ordinator

Matthew Hunt

Matthew Hunt is an intellectually gifted third year, studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering combined with a Masters of Biomedical Engineering and the Diploma in Innovation Management. His goal in life is to live in a mansion and be the boss of an epic biotech company that makes paraplegics walk, cures cancer and makes zombies. Being an avid drinker, Matt was attracted to the Social Team and holds the role of Event Co-ordinator. Matt likes to spend his spare time raising money for underprivileged kids, breakdancing and tending to his orchid garden.


Sales Manager

Christopher Richa

Christopher is a third year manufacturing engineering and management student that studies the diploma in Innovation Management. He speaks four languages and has lived in many countries around the globe.He has been the speaker of the social team in the different events and is also in charge of sales. Christopher can’t wait for the End of Year Mad HatterS Ball to take place and is certain that it will be an amazingly astonishing celebration of the end of the year.



Fiyin Adesina

Fiyin is presently a third-year Bachelor of Psychology student…and yes, she can read your mind! She is currently completing the Diploma in Innovative Management and is keen to build upon her business skills and related experience, particularly for a career in industry. As the energetic and outspoken Secretary for the Social team, she strives to anticipate problems, communicate her thoughts clearly and encourage progress in the team. Fiyin is extremely excited for the end of year Mad Hatters’ Ball which the Social team has been instrumental in bringing about. Fiyin’s spare time is split between relaxing with her family and friends, browsing Youtube for tutorials, planning her next holiday and trawling through random fashion and style blogs.


Human Resources Manager

Grace Lauer

Grace is currently in her second year of university studying Theatre/Performance and Film. She is originally from Germany and moved to Australia in 2011 to pursue a career in the performing arts. Apart from her degree and the diploma at UNSW she is also part-time training in acting at ACA. She is hoping to polish up her business savvy through the diploma to have a head start in the competitive arts world. In her spare time Grace enjoys reading a good book, cooking, dancing, music and snowboarding. She is looking forward to the End of Year Mad Hatters Ball and was quite puzzled to find out that a ball in Australia does not include ballroom dancing.



Tom Doyle

Tom is the treasurer of the Social team for BABSOC/EISSOC and is currently in his second year of a Commerce (International Studies) degree. Tom’s professional experiences include food services and work with the UNSW Alumni Office, and he is looking to move into the finance industry in the coming years. Tom is currently learning Spanish and is travelling to Spain next year as a component of his course, where he will live in Madrid for a year.



Outreach Team


Matthew Saxby

Matthew is in his fourth year of Software Engineering combined with commerce. He is really interested in how these two things can be used to make now companies and push the development of new ideas. Matthew enjoys doing extreme stuff, e.g. rock climbing, and uses these sports as a break from uni.



Ben Whitton

Ben is the Outreach team’s secretary and is currently in his second year, studying a Bachelor of Commerce and the Diploma in Innovation Management. Ben loves sport and says there is not a single sport he would watch on television. His favourite colours is green and likes to listen to music and play guitar in his spare time when not watching Modern Family.

Communications Manager

Kathryn Pacis

Fortunately, all the power didn’t go to Kathryn’s head. She helped mostly with external communication and writing up important stuff for the team. She was a team player and would interject or voice her opinion when need be. Um… Enough talking about myself in third person: I was part of Outreach and the Business Start-Up Skills subject in particular, with the objective in mind to combine my Innovation Management skills with my double degree of Social Work and Film Studies. To make a long story brief, I wanna leave uni and start up my own foundation for the disabled and/or homeless; be my own boss (which the Diploma is supposed to assist with) and be a part-time filmmaker. Now referring to myself in third person again- Kathryn has a strong admiration for children and animals, and aspires to universal domination with her talent for making people feel wonderful.

Lead Design Manager

Lachlan Gill

Lachlan is in his final year of the B. Digital Media at the COFA campus. He has combined this with the Dip. Innovation Management to give him greater commercial job prospects when graduated from tertiary education. He was given the lead design role for the teams marketing collateral, allowing him to delegate and multi-task between various University faculties and other teams.


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