Meet the team 2014


Farzana Kastury

I am Farzana Kastury, currently completing honors as part of the my degree Bachelor of Biotechnology in environmental microbiology. The focus of my research is to assess the toxicity of a synthetic phenazine on the entire ecosystem. I hope to promote sustainability and reduce pollution to improve the health of humans and the environment alike.

Vice President

Jessica Tan

I'm Jessica and I'm currently completing a Bachelor of Science with Honours. My project this year involves investigating the effects that a particular Traditional Chinese Medicine has on bacterial biofilm development. BABSOC has a fantastic team this year and I'm looking forward to working with them. Outside of uni, I work in retail to save funds for travelling around the world!



Anouschka Akerman

As an Honours student within the School of BABS, I spend my days staring at cancer cells under a microscope, playing with DNA and keeping my fingers crossed my experiments work! After this year, I endeavor to complete a PhD in cancer research with the hope of establishing a fulfilling career as a cancer researcher and contributing to the rapidly evolving medical community. When not in the lab, my time is spent playing with my beloved cat, Match and completing Sudoku after Sudoku…after Sudoku.


Akira Gokoolparsadh 

Akira is the Treasurer of BABSOC and is currently in her 4th year at UNSW, completing a Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Genetics) with Honours. Her key commitment is to ensure that the society is able to develop and adhere to a budget. By keeping the finances in check, we will be able to successfully carry out our events planned for 2014. In her downtime, Akira enjoys baking and trying out new recipes from various online blogs. She also enjoys a good book and spending time with friends and family.

ARC Delegate

Alex Scriven

Alex finds it really interesting to explore the frontier between science and commercialisation as well as the intellectual property aspects of innovation. Alex likes to get involved in the startup community as well as pursuing his scientific interests in biotechnology. As the ARC Delegate of BABSOC he is excited to share this passion for science and business with the wider UNSW community.


Yun 'Wendy' Chen

Wendy is a first year student currently completing a combined Advanced Science and Engineering degree. She has inquisitive interests in classical music and several branches of biological sciences. Through committing herself to the duties of a professional events coordinator, she hopes to equip herself with comprehensive skills acquired through the enriching experiences in function planning and management.


Elizabeth Hua

Elizabeth is currently a first year Medical Science student. Elizabeth's interests in science stemmed from a growing fascination in both chemistry and biology. She also enjoys organizing events and working with others to create both purposeful and enjoyable functions and thus is excited to fulfill her role as the Social Events Coordinator. Elizabeth also likes to spend her time fundraising for further research into cures, swimming and socializing with friends.

Sypmosium Director

Joshua Swift

Hi there, I’m Josh and I’m the Symposium Director for 2014 at BABSOC. I am currently doing a PhD in BABS in association with Steggles, looking into the early detection of cancer. I sit on the UNSW Science Faculty Board and Standing Committee, as well as a Local Government advisory committee. My expansive professional network and experience on various Boards allows me to access an array of top tier professionals and harness their skills, as well as my own, to benefit both BABSOC and the Symposium. Some say I look like George Clooney… but I’ll leave that up to you to decide!

IT Manager

Rhys Keirle

Hi I'm Rhys the IT manager of BABSOC for 2014. I'm currently in my thrid year of a Science(Biotechnology) degree. Outside of uni I am a keen traveller, with plans to get my skis on in Japan later this year. I also have a passion for gymnsatics and coach on a regular basis, with a little training, competition and judging on the side. I look forward to getting hands on with all our events this year!