Meet The Team 2015


Rhys Keirle

Hi I’m Rhys the President of BABSOC for 2015. I’m currently in my thrid year of a Science(Biotechnology) degree. Outside of uni I am a keen traveller, with plans to get my skis on in Japan later this year. I also have a passion for gymnsatics and coach on a regular basis, with a little training, competition and judging on the side. I look forward to getting hands on with all our events this year!

Vice President

Yun ‘Wendy’ Chen

Wendy is a second year student currently completing a combined Advanced Science and Engineering degree. She has inquisitive interests in classical music and several branches of biological sciences. Through committing herself to the duties of a Vice President, she hopes to equip herself with comprehensive skills acquired through the enriching experiences in function planning and management.



Serena Ekman

Hey I’m Serena and I currently study Biotechnology and Microbiology which is a teeny tiny heap of microbial fun! I love being silly and I own a whole array of sciency and pun-ny shirts which really do make me laugh every time I see them even though I should probably be a “sophisticated and mature third year student” by now. I love reading and adore science, and I get excited by almost everything especially making new friends, so if you ever see me excitedly flailing down the hallway absolutely say hi and try not to get whacked by all the excessive hand gestures!


Andrew McCulloch

Hi I’m Andrew and I am the treasurer of BABSOC for 2015. I am a first year Medical Science student with ambitions to study Medicine in the future. Alongside my passion for medicine, I am very interested in foreign languages, and as such I plan on studying Japanese during my time at university. Outside of uni I enjoy spending time with friends and family, travelling overseas and eating delicious food. I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict and I am always happy to have a chat.
A.McCulloch Bio Photo

ARC Delegate

Kevin Hu

Hi there. I’m Kevin, the ARC Delegate for 2015. I’m currently studying Medical Science which allows me to pursue my passions for chemistry and biology. As the ARC Delegate, much of what I will be doing will be behind the scenes, working with the rest of the BABSOC team to contribute to the wider community of BABSOC by organising great events. Outside of uni, I enjoy playing table tennis and travelling. I still have a long list of places to see.


Armella Zadoorian

Hi there, I’m Armella, a third year Medical Science student specialising in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Over the past year I’ve been fortunate enough to undertake research internships at UNSW and The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, where I was able to work under many senior academics and learn new skills. Correspondingly, I am excited to be the Professional Events Director of BABSoc as I hope to utilise the skills and connections I developed during these wonderful experiences, to organise many useful and interesting events for students in the School of BABS.


Lawrence Menz

My name is Lawrence Menz, I have travelled all the way from Adelaide to study and live in Sydney. My program is the Bachelor of Biotechnology and I am currently in my second year. The other societies that I am involved with, which are also hobbies, include Photoclub and Circusoc.

Jina Ishak

Hi I’m Jina, a second year medical science student. I’m a lover of music and classical literature. By taking on the role of careers event coordinator, I look forward to meeting passionate and dedicated people who are looking to better the world through science innovation. I’m excited for this year’s events.

Marketing Coordinator

Lilian Liu

Hi! I’m Lillian and I’m a second year Advanced Science student majoring in Biotechnology and pharmacology. With an interest in pharmaceuticals, I hope to pursue an honours research project on different types of drugs. In my spare time I like to dance, daydream, read and try new, exotic ice cream flavours.

Social Media Coordinator

Jasmine Collins

Hi, I’m Jasmin. I’m the new social media coordinator for 2015. I’ll be taking care of all BABSOC social media and am really excited about getting involved in the society this year. I really want to give the society a bigger online profile and help get lots of people involved in all the exciting events we’ll be holding this year.

Second Year Representative

Jinothaa Logeandran

Hey there folks!

This is Jinothaa. Currently studying 2nd year commerce/science at UNSW. I am the 2nd year representative for BABSOC 2015! My hobbies are listening to music, watching dramas and movies, especially Disney movies! And also procastinating

Third Year Representative

James G. Barnes

James is a third year Advanced Science/Arts student, majoring in Microbiology and Molecular & Cell Biology for Science, and History with a minor in Asian studies for Arts. He was BABSOC Marketing Executive in 2014 and will continue to promote the society in his current role, while serving as a representative of third year BABS students on the Executive Team. He is passionate about exploring the mysteries of life at its most fundamental levels and applying scientific knowledge to the betterment of society and the world.  He is also a keen supporter of the importance of science communication for educating the public and encouraging future scientists. When at leisure, James is also an avid  fantasy and science fiction fan (and hopes to make some of the wonders of science fiction into science fact some day!)

Merchandise Manager

Novel Rahman

Biotechnology enthusiast. Love cricket. Hate cats.

IT Manager

Gordon Qian

Hi I’m Gordon the IT manager of BABSOC for 2015. I’m currently in my first year of a Science(Advanced) degree and I am planning on majoring in molecular and cell biology. In my spare time I enjoy fiddling with technology whether it be gaming or video designing. I also have a passion in drawing and designing graphical images even though I am not very good at it. I’d like to think I’m artistically and musically creative as I play the saxophone. I also enjoy listening to retro music and looking back to the past. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in our future events we will hold!
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