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The Small Things in (Soil) Life

Imagine for a moment that you’re a plant. Each day your leaves harvest energy from sunlight to make sugars. What do you chose to do with this precious energy? You could grow more leaves to catch more sunlight. Or grow more roots to access deeper water and more nutrients. Or store it up to use

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What lurks in the cold and dark?

Antarctica; the coldest continent on Earth. During summer the land is bathed in hours of sunlight, in winter you’d be lucky to see the sun for a few hours each day. Of the five hundred or so people that travel to the Australian Antarctic base each summer, only about 80 people stay through the winter.

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Virus Essay

Personalised medicine using viruses, and the bio-hacker who just wants a slice of pizza.           [1] Some of the most extraordinary innovations in recent years have been advances in personalised medicine. Every individual is unique in the way they develop a disease and respond to treatment. Hence, the growing paradigm of

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