BABSOC Beer Brewing

BABSOC’s first ever Beer Brewing Workshop was a day not to miss! We had a great mix of attendees: undergraduates, honours students, post-graduates, post-docs and even some academics. We used the innovative ‘Brew in a Bag’ system. We created two different brews, a Pale Wheat Ale and an Amber Ale. The workshop mashed two different malts (Pale Wheat Ale grain mix and an Amber Ale grain mix), followed by the hops and yeast. The two brews had different combinations of hops added and the yeast used to ferment it will provide unique flavour profiles to each brew.

The brewing was led by A/Prof Chris Marquis, Lucien Alperstein and Lawrence Menz. Lucien was leading the practical aspect of the workshop, introducing the different elements of brewing and what we were doing specifically that day. Chris provided extra information on each stage of brewing, including how to customise your brew. He also provided some great anecdotes and brewing history.

We finished the day with two different (22 L) delicious looking brews. The next step will be kegging the beer in 7-10 days. We look forward to introducing more people to the next process and sharing the product of our efforts with the rest of the BABS and BABSOC community.

Lawrence Menz
President of BABSOC