BABSOC’s Big Bonanza BBQ

BABSOC held their first BBQ event of the year and it was not one miss! We received an overwhelming crowd almost amounting to 150 hungry mouths which included a mix of undergraduates, honour students, post-graduates, post-docs and even the high and mighty academics. We supplied a variety of beef, pork and veggie sausages along with an assortment of drinks, straying away from the convention canned soft drinks must I add! We hope that kept everyone happily munching away!
The BBQ was a great opportunity for BABS students, the new and old, to share and exchange their study experiences and stories as well as perform some quality networking with a pen in one hand and a sausage in the other.
We also received a generous hand in running the BBQ by a few undergraduate students who we enslaved and worked their heart and soul away! Just kidding, we fed them plenty, hopefully…Beside the point, on behalf of the BABSOC executive team we are truly grateful for your help!
We hope everyone enjoyed the BBQ and we thank everyone who supported BABSOC by purchasing a BABSOC T-Shirt or donating in the drinks cup as this helps us immensely in enabling us to bring you quality events in the future! We hope to see everyone very soon in out next event!


Writer: Steven Chow
Editor: Gordon Qian