BABSOC x BABS Photo Competition

Bringing out the artist talent of BABS, BABSOC in collaboration with the school of BABS launched a new and exciting photo competition amongst all students, staff and researchers.

With our new E26 biosciences building currently empty with endless walls of white, this event opened up the opportunity to feature exceptional artwork amongst the people of BABS whilst being able to proudly decorate our building with the aesthetics of science.

The event was an amazing success, with the entrance of almost a hundred participants and a social outreach of countless more. This was a skyrocket in engagement of the BABS community with entries ranging from the ancient academic druids of BABS to our foetus undergraduates. This event also marked the beginning of our new social media channel, Instagram @babsoc.unsw, which was used to share every submission made on Facebook in hopes to “get with the trends” of the young’ins.

With the closure of the photo submission, we celebrated the winners and commemorated the event through a photo launch evening. Every submission was put on display in their corresponding categories, (live science, artistic science, and life outside the lab) on the walls of E26. Connoisseur of science causally strolled between photos, appreciating the art whilst munching on delicacies generously provided by the school of BABS. Louise kindly hosted the voting of the event and many memories were made! 

The winners of each category can be found below , and all entries can be found on our Instagram/Facebook page.

Thank you everyone who came down to the event and especially those who submitted photos. We hope you enjoyed this fairly new event idea by BABSOCxBABS. Watch this space for our future events!

Gordon Qian