Gordon Qian

I am the President of BABSOC, and currently in my 3rd year of my Advanced Science (Hons) degree. I am enjoying my double major in molecular cell biology and bioinformatics, but I think the most enjoyable aspect of my university experience is getting involved with student run societies and activities. I hope to meet many new people and share this experience with others.
In my spare time I like to do things that don’t require much thinking, like kicking back with a quality stream of YouTube clips.

Vice President


I am the Vice President of BABSOC.



I am the Secretary of BABSOC.


Alice Handayani

Hey! I’m Alice, the tressurer! I’m a first year doing Bachelor of Science! Right now I am just trying out everything to find a certain field I like.
Outside Uni I like hanging out with my friends and wandering around the city!

Social Event Coordinator

Justine Salazar

Hi, there! I’m Justine and I study Biotechnology. As a BABSOC committee member, I’m enthusiastic about the events and workshops we’re planning for this year.

So, come say hi to us at one of our events! Outside of uni, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends through travelling and watching films and TV shows.

I love reading books and writing stories. I find these media amazing as they allow us to explore worlds beyond our reality.


Marketing & Advertising Coordinator

Alice (Ya-Tsu) Yang

Hi I’m Alice. I’m one of the marketing and advertising coordinator of BABSOC and am currently a first-year student studying genetics and molecular and cell biology.

I do Krav Maga in my free time and I also volunteer at the Museum of Human Disease on campus (feel free to come say hi!).

I’m really excited to be sharing my passion for science with you all through our upcoming events and workshops!

Art & Design Coordinator

Angela Lin

Hey! I’m Angela and I am currently studying Bioinformatics Engineering. Biotechnology in agriculture is very important!!!

My dream is to explore the genomic dark matter. Outside of my degree, I’ve been learning how to create really sleek website designs and trying to be an astronomer (or maybe I just want to take magical photos of the night sky).

Looking forward to working with our BABSOC exec team!


I.T. Manager


Hi, I am Steven Chow. I am a Credited Professional and Full Member of Australian Computer Society. I am studying molecular cell biology.

My research interest is MRI in Head & Neck Cancer and Nano-Cancer Radio Therapy & Cancer Imaging.

Outside the uni, I would like to stay alone and keep study, as I am looking for the True Love of Science. Come & Speak to me if you like cooking. However, don’t let me bored you.


Arc Delegate


I am the Arc Delegate in Chief of BABSOC.

Professional Event Coordinator and Editor in Chief


I am the Professional Event Coordinator and Editor in Chief of BABSOC.


Noel- Event photographer

Hi, I am Noel.

Anson – Grievance officer

Hi, I am Noel.