Road to Success (Completed)

Road to Success!

Careers Night 1

(This event has concluded – Thank you to all who attended and our fantastic guest speakers!)

Experienced professionals across different fields expressed their wisdom and revelating experiences at the succesful event.

Event Details

Where: CLB Theatre 8

When: 8th August 2012 (Wednesday Week 4 Semester 2)

Time: 6pm-8pm


  • Kevin Wykes – Macquarie Generation
  • Geoffrey McIntosh – Douglas Partners Pty Ltd.
  • Dr Ron Shnier – Southern Radiology
  • David Barel – Lexikom & Barel Corporation
  • Bryan Beudeker – Delta Electricity


Careers Night 1 was held on the 8th August with a fantastic turn out. Many thanks to everyone who attended and congratulations to the lucky raffle winners! We hope you all got a good kick, laugh and perhaps a few thought provoking words of wisdom from those in the 'real world' and had as much fun as we did!

We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to Ron Shnier, Geoff McIntosh, Bryan Beudeker, Kevin Wykes and David Barel for their words of wisdom in their respective worlds of medicine, engineering and transforming ideas into small business start ups

Our apologies for the hiccup with the pizza delivery, but we will definitely make it up to you when you see you at the next Careers Night 2 on the 26th September!