BABSOC members are

This year BABSOC is focusing on fostering relationship with industry through our ‘Strategic Partnership’. We aim to act as the intermediary between the current leaders in the biotechnology industry and our world class members, professors and alumni who will become the future leaders.

With the rising importance of STEM and biotechnology, our members are equipped with the necessary skills in analytics and problem solving to be revolutionaries in solving the problems of the future.

Our strategic partnership provides your company with access to highly qualified and world class graduates, access to our established social media platforms and exposure to a leading global university.

Elements of our strategic partnership could include involvement in careers events, site visitations, graduate talks and financial support.

BABSOC accepts involvement in any form and welcomes you to download our prospectus. We look forward to working with you as pioneers of a better future.



Contact information

Edward Johnson 

Sponsorship Director