Transforming Ideas..(Completed)

Transforming Ideas into Reality –  Optimal Priming for Entrepreneurship (Completed)

Careers Night 2

(This event has concluded –Thank you to all who attended and in particular our guest entrepreneurs for coming in and sharing their experiences. We would like to extend our appreciation to our sponsors CSL, Resmed, Halfords IP and Arc@UNSW for making this possible!)

Yes ladies and gentleman it is happening again another BABSOC/EISSOC careers night!

Have you ever had a good idea?
Have you ever wondered whether you had the skills and experience to make that idea work?
Well wonder no more as our careers night "Transforming Ideas to Reality – Optimal Priming for Entrepreneurs" is designed to fix that! We have selected an all star panel of entrepreneurs to talk about their experiences as an entrepreneur i.e. how they "made" it.
In addition to this talk an extensive Q+A session with these successful entrepreneurs is featured along with not one but TWO raffles filled with unbelievable prizes and how can you have a great night without….. FREE PIZZA! Add on top of this an opportunity for networking before the event and an opportunity to interact with these successful entrepreneurs after the event the only thing really left to do is ask yourself why on earth wouldn't I attend?
So prepare to make your way to CLB 8 at 6pm for an evening that could very well shape the rest of your life! Or fill you full of prizes and pizza
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Event Details

Where: CLB Theatre 8

When: 26th September 2012 (Week 10 Semester 2)

Time: Drink and Networking @ 5:30PM. Talks @ 6PM. More networking @ 8PM.


  • Melanie Kansil (CEO & Co-Founder at Customer Underground)
  • Natasha Rawlings (Co-Founder and CEO at StreetHawk)
  • Jeremy Liddle (CEO at ENYA, Enterprise Network for Young Australians)
  • Niklas Olsson (Marketing manager at the Iconic)

Event Review:

Having an idea is one thing, but to transform an idea into a growing business from the ground up is what truly separates the dreamers and the entrepreneurs.

With the thrills, spills and winding journey that come with entrepreneurship, we would first like to extend our gratitude to Melanie Kansil, Natasha Rawlings, Jeremy Liddle and Nikklas Olsson for their time and presence for the night’s presentations, discussion and networking!

Sharing their rich experiences in building their start-ups, developing an entrepreneurial mindset and fostering the Australian entrepreneurship community, we hope you were able to get as much out of the event as us!

Listening to their deep insights and suggestions for all the young budding entrepreneurs in the room, I’m sure we can all agree that entrepreneurship is a continual learning experience. With the advice shared, we can’t wait to hear about the next big thing to come out of the Australian start-up scene…it might just be you!

On the prizes for the night, congratulations to our lucky raffle winners and also to our jellybean competition winner who was just 5 away of the official count of 563!

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